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Organizational Self-Management Experiments Are Possible If Thoughtfully Communicated and Implemented

Based on your score, there are some organizational roadblocks that your company needs to get through before implementing an organizational self-management structure. People believe in the work they are doing, but seem disengaged. They might not have the creative freedom they need to be passionate about their duties. Your leadership approach could benefit from pulling back and trusting people to do the work to which they’ve committed. Dismantling the industrial-age hierarchies that create disengaged workforces will be a challenge for any organization, but the building blocks for success are here, you just need to embrace them and commit to change.

Here are some unavoidable challenges in the self-management journey of which you should be keenly aware:

  • A Human Resources rethink – You’ll need to hire and retain people who will sustain the new approach
  • Strategic retooling – You’ll need to adjust your short and long-term approach to every people-related process.
  • Adjusting to new power dynamics – You’ll need to think through the meaning of leadership and your approach to it.
  • Workplace toxicity – A change like this will inevitably be met with pushback by some.
  • Rethinking the Org Chart – More nebulous, no hierarchies.

Visualizing how organizational self-management can work in practice is the greatest challenge most leaders will endure. Using the ideas and practices of self-management, many companies are now reaping the benefits thereof, and giving people their humanity back at work.

By re-integrating humanity—real human flourishing— into your organization, people can experience greater happiness and better teamwork.

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