Author and TEDx Speaker on Management Principles

Creating the twenty-first-century organization through organizational self-management in the new world of work

The harsh reality of the modern workplace is that the majority of American workers are uninspired and disengaged at work. The resulting productivity costs of this disengagement are staggering, but what’s the solution?

Doug Kirkpatrick’s fresh take on the new American workplace will help leaders overcome the gravitational pull of outdated 19th-century management models and calculate the escape velocity they need to metaphorically reach for the stars. Command and control hierarchies are dead - or should be. For Doug, it’s simple: first, human beings should not use force or coercion against other human beings. Second, people should honor the commitments they make to others. These fundamental human principles of organizational self-management also represent the backbone of how we organize our lives and the laws of society.

Why then do these simple ideas struggle to find purchase in the workplace? Because freedom can be a hard thing to manage. Without hierarchies and traditional command structures, leadership is wholly earned. For many managers, that’s unacceptable, while others might lack the initiative to thrive in an organizational self-management environment.

Executives worldwide report being overwhelmed by the complexity of their business systems, and many suffer from acute anxiety. It’s the job of every human being to manage his or her anxiety productively. Organizational self-management offers the possibility of release from the management purgatory in which too many leaders find themselves. What’s the point of fearing loss of control of an enterprise when it’s possible that control doesn’t exist today? When leaders thoughtfully replace crushing bureaucracy with workplace freedom, they can embrace the future with confidence, resilience and organizational agility.

If you’re ready to run an organization of the future, book Doug Kirkpatrick to speak at your next event on the following topics:

  • Organizational Innovation and Self-Management
  • Creating the Organization of the Future
  • Talent Development
  • The Future of Management
  • The Age of the Self-Managed Organization
  • The No-Limit Enterprise
  • The New World of Work

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I travelled to Boston last week to hear Doug Kirkpatrick speak about self managing organisations. It was truly inspiring and completely requires thinking differently and creatively. That in itself makes it a game changer.

Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

Agent for Professional Leaders | CEO Coach | Executive Coach | Women's Idea Meritocracy Group

Doug is outstanding in everything he does. Why? He not just has deep expertise, knowledge, and practice about self-organized entities, but he also shows up with heart and humbleness which is hard to find. He was a speaker at the Future of Leadership Salon which I curate on a regular base, as well joined us on one of my innovation & leadership journeys to Silicon Valley. Every time he was an inspiration to the group. I can't wait to invite Doug again to spread the magic of open space and self-organization. Thank you, Doug, for being you!

Eve Simon

Expert in Leadership Transformation, Igniter for Change, Burning for Inclusion/New Work Culture/Communication/Innovation

I was working with Doug on our "Teal Safari," he was a speaker and shared his broad knowledge on self-organisation, company culture and much more. We let people rate on the different presentation and he scored a 5.7 out of 6! That's pretty impressive and almost impossible ;-) thanks a lot Doug for the great collaboration and looking forward to the next opportunities!

Timm Urschinger

Co-Founder and CEO at LIVEsciences AG

We've had the pleasure of working with Doug multiple times over the last few years. On behalf of our client groups and our WDHB team, we're thankful of how generous he is with his knowledge and time. Our groups have great takeaways from these conversations that often continue long after their events.

Sandra Bednarz, CMP

Head of Quality & Technology at WDHB Strategic Learning

Doug led a corporate retreat for our company and I cannot compliment him enough. His time and efforts were greatly appreciated. In such a setting, Doug's gift is his ability to both provide structure, but also to encourage open discussion among the participants.

Mort Taylor

CEO at Signal Power and Light, Inc.

Doug recently contributed his knowledge, perspective and experience regarding Self-Management during our company's weekly global meeting. I was in our Head Office that day with all of our staff there crammed into the conference room. You could have heard a pin drop. Doug held everyone's attention for a full 45 minutes, and there was much nodding of heads and note-taking during his reflections and answering of our questions.

Hamish M.

Founder and Advisory Board at The Diary Corporation