Más Allá del Empoderamiento: La Era de la Organización Autogestionada (Spanish edition of Beyond Empowerment)

Launching the Spanish translation today of “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization” with publisher JETLAUNCH, and much gratitude to thought partners around the world who agreed to read the manuscript and offer support: Matt Perez José Luis Romero Kimberly Lantis Linda Shore Angel Calderón Daniel Pandza Diego Lainez Jamieson Humberto Besso-Oberto Huerta Irma M Morales Erika Rubí Flores Urbina Marcela Ronquillo Hinojosa Carlos Largacha-Martinez, Ph.D., TEDx, FRSA.Montse Espuñes Sally Bendersky Leonardo Ravier #beyondempowerment

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